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1, Rue de l'Eglise - 51240 Vitry-la-Ville

+33 6 09 74 32 10



Welcome to Château-de-Vitry-la-Ville, one of the most unique dwellings in Champagne, made of stone and limestone and crowned by violet, Irish slate roofs.

The Chateau was built in the 17th century, and later on extended in the 18th century. It spans a 17-hectare estate lavishly surrounded by creeks, ponds, a moat, bridges and French gardens designed by famous 17th century landscape artist, Andre Le Nôtre. All of it stands gracefully enhanced by two unique gates forged by the master blacksmith of Louis XIV.

Such a romantic place provides the perfect environment to host all kinds of events from elegant receptions, weddings, business seminars, personal development seminars, cultural gatherings and film shooting to tasteful, quality- time stays with family or friends in order to enjoy the refreshing, little pleasures of the chateau’s life in the unrivalled , picturesque surroundings of the countryside and the wine-cellars of Champagne.

The magnificence of the numerous , charming private rooms with accommodation for 35 guests, the well-equipped corporate meeting rooms a fully-equipped kitchen available to guests as well as to your private caterer for special events, all of this, offers its irresistible castle-like charm which will meet and exceed by far your expectations. Likewise our guest rooms can accommodate up to 15 visitors.

Located between the well-known Côte de Blancs and the hills of Sézannais, a few kilometres south of Reims, south-west of Châlons-en Champagne, and not far from Vitry-Le François. Château-de-Vitry -la -Ville offers you a wide range of facilities and amenities such as: swimming-pool, fitness room, fishing, idyllic strolls and boat rides in the moat.

We would be glad to make your stay and /or special celebration a joyful, memorable experience and a dream come true.

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